How Safe Is The Safe Period For Sex?

Many families or singles struggle with birth control. What if it is not the right time to have baby? Can you avoid the unwanted pregnancy by natural methods, such as calculating your safe period? You really need to know the answers before you rely on such methods.

What is a “safe period”? It is a time in menstrual cycle, when the woman is not fertile. This means you can safely have unprotected sex with your husband or partner and prevent pregnancy. Sounds really good, right? But how safe is it and how is it calculated?

All women have such a cycle phase as ovulation. During these days your egg is ready to be turned into a baby by joining with the male sperm cell. Ovulation takes place in the middle of the cycle some 12-14 days after the period.

The days after the ovulation and before the actual bleeding are deemed to be safe. That is your safe period. However, its duration varies for every woman. For one, menstruation cycle may last from 22 to 36 days. Secondly, potentially fertilizing the egg may happen on any day of the cycle! Your body may have hormonal jumps or other things happening and the day you consider a safe one may lead to conception.

Simple calculations cannot provide you with reliable data on the safe period. There are other things you can do to verify those days. One of them is keeping a calendar. Mark all your bleeding days. Period days and 10 days after them are the best to have your baby. So, if you are struggling with conception, get some action going. However, if your goal is to avoid getting pregnant, then stay away from unprotected sex.

Next, take basal temperature. This means daily before you even get out of bed you need to use a thermometer to take your vagina temperature. Write it down. This basal temperature indicates when your ovulation happens. If it rises by 1 degree, then you have your best days to conceive a child. No unprotected sex now! When it drops in the middle of the cycle, you get safer days for fun. If you follow all the instruction this birth control method works well. However, keep in mind that sperm cells can live in your body up to 3 days!



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