End of First Session Examination, 2015/2016

Course Title: Introduction to APC Government

Course Code: Government 101

Time Allow: 3 Hours

Instruction: Attempt All Questions

If GEJ is a constant, while APC is a variable, and if 1year have been used for blaming, with the aid of a diagram:

1. Discuss the probability of APC blaming GEJ for the next 3years for

i. Dollar increase.
ii. Fuel Price increase
iii. Power Failure
iv. Unemployment
v. Fulani Herdsmen Killings

2. If APC = All Promises Cancelled, where PMB is a constant, discuss the speed at which:

i. N5k promise is cancelled
ii. Feeding of school pupil is cancelled
iii. NYSC allowance is reduced
iv. Fuel pump prices are increased

3. Define the term, ”Budget padding”.

4. Mention 3 types of APC propaganda you know, and how they can be used in 21st century politics.

5. Mention 5 IDP you know that feeds with N140000 everyday.

6. Mention the next 3 countries PMB will travel and the disgrace he would receive.

7. If PMB is silent when herdsmen kills people and buys jet fighter when Biafra is mentioned, what is the probability that PMB is not a terrorist?

8. Write short notes on these mad phrases;

i. masquerade dressing,
ii. importation of grass
iii. fantastically corrupt

9. If x is change and y is lies/propaganda, solve the equation, 2x + 5y = ?

10. If you used to be corrupt, but now fantastically corrupt. Explain the effect of gravitational force on you.

Your Time Starts Now!!!


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