The Movie And Show Of Shame Continues

You are a boko haram Commander.

You kidnap someone and get your captive pregnant.

You are caught with your captive. You are not arrested.

Your captive who was said to be writing senior secondary school exams (WAEC) at the time of kidnap, does not know a word in English. She does also seem to know her name.

The Principal of the school she was writing WAEC does not know her name too.

The Army does not know her name. Even the youth leader of the youth of Chibok does not know the girl’s name.

They are all giving conflicting names.

Nobody bothers to go to WAEC and check her name and passport photograph (or did she write the exams without registration?)

It is now more than 24 hours and nobody has claimed to be her parents.

Can you lose your child for more than a year and hear she has been found, and you don’t rush to meet the girl?

Meanwhile, the military has found a boko haram Commander who kidnapped an innocent child, but instead of arresting him, a reception is being organised for him.

As I write , a ceremony is being planned in which the boko haram Commander, and her captive, would be received by Buhari in

Aso Rock!
This movie is epic!


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