I then said. “Please Tope, I just need to
know how you are faring, to know if I
can help you with anything, to hear
your sweet voice again
Please Tope it means a lot to me.” She
took the money and she started sobbing
again and she said. “Good bye
adeoluwa , good bye…”
As she ran away in tears. I stood and
watched her fade away in sight. I had
tears in my eyes and felt an emptiness
within. The vehicle got filled and I
embarked on my journey to
As I journeyed I reflected on the sweet
moments Tope and I shared. I then
they were the best times of my life and
I felt privileged
to have had such memories.
I got home and met my family,
everyone was happy to see me again. I
sure did miss home and all the
comforts, but nothing compared to
Tope, whom I missed dearly. I knew I
would probably not see her again and
everything we had
would only linger in thoughts till they
grow dim
with time.
A week pa*sed and I didn’t hear from
Tope, as I suspected. I knew she must
have taken the decision to stay aloof, it
must have been
very hard on her. I had no option than
to move on and
face the reality before me.
Through my mom’s connection, I was
to secure a very profitable job in one of
biggest oil companies in Nigeria, in just
3 weeks
after my youth service….


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