How can a country like Nigeria which harbours men of cerebral knowledge and intellectual prowess be silent and allowed a man who forged a secondary school certificate to become their president? Is this an act of condoning educational malpractice in Nigeria? Worst still, that a culprit of certificate forgery is the so called
Mr integrity who fights and prosecutes other corrupt Nigerians. What a ridiculous

Despite the fact that Mr Muhammadu Buhari’s certificate forgery was questioned before the independent electoral
commission, the then INEC boss, Atairu Jega, the court and the yoruba political bigwigs of APC died down the issue.

Even when the issue was blown up by an APC caucus member before election. Today, we are facing the implication of a leader with archaic mindset. So pitifully, that every aspect of the country is just swinging backwards. No progress is
made in security of lives, corruption cases and the economy at large by president Buhari since he assumed office.

The clarion call at this point in time is for the opposition government, PDP, integrity organization, honest political acivists and meaningful Nigerians to revoke the hidden certificate forgery case of Muhammadu Buhari which served as his pre-requisite to contest in the recent presidential election and let the law takes it course. If the false assets declaration of the senate president, Bukola Saraki can be reviewed for trial and prosecution, no man should be above the law.


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