BIAFRA | Eedris Abdul Throws His Support To IPOB


Veteran rapper and radicalist Eedris Abdulkareem has expressed bitterness over the injustice and how Biafrans are treated.

See what Eedris wrote below:

“I am not a Biafran, but I tell you the Biafrans are good people who are very hardworking people. They’re all over the world. I am very sure that you guys will get The Republic Of Biafra soon. I hate it when my Northern elders tries to rule forever without making ways for the people who contributes almost everything for the country via natural resources from their land, that is injustice.

I’m from Kaduna but Oluchi my wife is from Orlu in Imo State.

The Biafrans are very smart people who values their lives so much. Please I am advising you people to continue with the world-wild protests.. because the protests is really touching the Nigerian government. And there’s a big problem going on in Lawmakers House both in London and among the Northern elders in Government, but they’re doing everything secretly because they don’t want the Biafrans to know there worries. From the look of thing, this country may divide before the end of this year.

I speak from facts because I come from a rich family who makes so much money from FG because my Dad is one of the Lawmakers in this dubious country.. but I hate it when I see the North and West enjoy, I hate it when there’s no place in the whole of South-South and South East that is as developed as Abuja and Lagos, yet the natural resource of the South provids over 80% of the total CASH generated in this country, pure injustice. E. ABDULKAREEM”


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