Meet The Catholic Nuns Who Grow And Smoke Huge Quantities Of CANNABIS

A PAIR of new age nuns who produce and smoke large quantities of cannabis have spoken out against the substance’s ban in California.

Sister Kate, 56, and Sister Darcy, 24, who call themselves the ‘Sisters of the Valley’, produce special medicines with marijuana.

Nuns cannabis

They believe that the salves help to cure aches and pains.

The nuns think that the ban of the drug in the state of California doesn’t apply to them.

They said: “We’re trying to do something that’s more activist-based, that’s more planet-based, Mother Earth-friendly.”

Nuns cannabis

The sisters sell a variety of oils and moisturisers made from the drug, which they say can cure ailments like back pain and migraines.

The products are sold on website Etsy as well as their own site.

Even though the state of California banned the drug last year, the nuns have continued to produce their remedies.

Sister Darcy said: “Our medicine is medicine and it’s non-psychoactive. We are dealing with what’s actually considered hemp but really we advocate for whole plant legislation.

“But this ban does not apply to us so we have been operating straight through it.”

Sister Kate said: “We’re not accepting their ban. It’s against the will of the people, and that makes it unnatural and immoral.

“We have our own Holy Trinity, that is honoring Mother Earth and honoring people in two ways, through making medicines and healing them. The third thing is progressive activism where we are dedicating portions every week to the good fight for the poor people that surround us.”

Nuns cannabis

Sister Kate started to smoke and produce marijuana after she helped her nephew to stop using heroin with the drug.

Even though the women wear the religious uniform of a nun, they are not connected to the Catholic church.

The two women produce their cannabis treatments in the bathroom of Sister Kate’s house.

They believe that their home made remedies have low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical in marijuana that gives users a high.

The sisters even pray over their treatments before they are sent out to customers.


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