A LADY had been the one taking care of her Boyfriend until he applied to be a soldier in Nigerian Defence Academy. After the training, he became a full Nigerian soldier, he started making some money and then he realised that his long time girlfriend, the girl he disvirgined wasn’t good for him. He called her one day and told her that he can’t continue with the relationship.
She wept, begged and even crawl to him but to no avail. This lady almost committed suicide and due to that, her family relocated her to Lagos so that maybe distance will wipe his memory off her mind.
Few years in Lagos, she met a man who showed interest and was ready to marry her, little did she know that the man was a Major General, she agreed and they got married.
Lo and behold, the soldier that was sent to guide the Major General’s wife was her first love. In shame and in disgrace, he kept serving the woman he said was too local for him.
Today, I pray that whoever is using your present situation to look down on you, will in no distance time have no choice but to look up to you.
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