52 year old driver caught with a 14 year old daughter of his oga during school runs.

So be careful on how you do your school runs.

When we have female daughters, we have to be extremely careful with them irrespective of how young or small they are because these child molesters known as pedophiles have no conscience.

An estimated one in 20 teenage boys and adult men sexually abuse children, and an estimated one teenage girl or adult woman in every 3,300 females molests children.

Although that’s well over five million people, most families mistakenly believe that as far as molesters go, there has never been one in their family, and what’s more, there never will be.

Add together the child victims, and the adult survivors, and that’s 15 out of every 100 children who have been molested. Please let others know.

God will shield our children from these wicked people.