Tribute To Mohammed Ali – Professor Wole Soyinka


The arena is darkened. A feast of blood Will follow duly; the spotlights have been borrowed. For a while. These ringside prances. Merely serve to whet the appetite. Gladiators, Clad tonight in formal mufti, customized,

Milk recognition, savour the night-off, show off. Rites. Ill fitted in this your voyeur company.

The desperate arm wrap of the tiring heart. Gives place to social hugs, the slow count. One to ten to a snappy “Give me five!”

Toothpaste grins replace the death-mask

Rubber gumshield  grimaces. Promiscuous Peck–a-cheek supplant the maestro’s peek-a-boo.

The roped arena wait; an umpire tests the floor, Tests the whiplash boundaries of the rope.

The gallants’ exhibition rounds possess.

These foreplay rounds moments. Gloves in silk-white sheen

Rout lint and leather. Paco Rabanne rules the air. A tight-arsed soubriette checks her placard smile. To sign the rounds for blood and gore.

Eased from the navel of Bitch-Mother Fame A microphone, neck-ruffed silver filigree – as one. Who would usurp the victor’s garland — stabs the air. For instant prophesies. In cosy insulation, bathed. In teleglow, distant homes have built. Their own vicarious rings – the forecast claimed. Four million viewers on the cable deal alone;

Much “bread” was loaded on the scales.

At weighing hour – till scores are settled. One Will live the fickle womb tonight.

Smeared in combat fluids, a broken foetus.

The other, toned in fire, a dogged phoenix Oblivious of the slow countdown of inner hurts Will thrust his leaden fists in the air.

Night prince of the world of dreams. One sits still. His silence is a dying count. At last the lens acknowledges the tested Hulk that dominates, even in repose The giddy rounds of furs and diamond pins.

A brief salute – the camera is kind, Discreetly pans, and masks the doubletalk Of medicine men – “Has the syndrome But not the consequence.”

Promoters, handlers. It’s time to throw in the towel – Parkinson’s Polysyllables have failed to tease a rhyme From the once nimble Louisville Lips. The camera flees, distressed.

But not before The fire of battle flashes in those eyes. Rekindled by the moment’s urge to centre stage.

He rules the night space even now, bestrides. The treacherous domain with thighs of bronze, A dancing mural of delights. Oh Ali! Ale-e-e…

What music hurts the massive head tonight, Ali! The drums, the tin cans, the guitars and mbira of Zaire? Aa-lee! Aa-lee Bomaye!

The Rumble in the Jungle? Beauty and the Beast? Roll call of Bum-a-Month.

The rope-a-dope? The Thrilla in Manilla? – Ah-lee! Ah-lee! “The  closest thing to death”, you said. Was that. The greatest, saddest prophecy of all? Oh, Ali!

Black tarantula whose antics hypnotize the foe!

Butterfly sideslipping death from rocket probes.

Bee whose sting, unsheathed, picks the teeth Of the raging hippopotamus, then fans.

The jaws convergence with it flighty wings.

Needle  that threads the snapping fangs Of crocodiles, knots the tusks of elephants On rampage.

Cricket that claps and chirrups Round the flailing horn of the rhinoceros,

Then shuffles, does a bugaloo, tap-dances on its tip. Space that yields, then drowns the intruder In showers of sparks-oh Ali! Ali! Esu with faces turned to all four compass points.

Astride a weather vane; they sought to trap him, Slapped the wind each time.

He brings a message — All know the messenger, the neighbourhood is roused – Yet no one sees his face, he waits for no reply, Only that combination three-four calling card, The wasp-tail legend:

I’ve been here and gone.

Mortar that goads the pestle: do you call that Pounding? The yam is not yet smooth – Pound, dope, pound! When I have eaten the yam, I’ll chew the fibre that once called itself A pestle! Warrior who said, “I will not fight”.

And proved a prophet’s call to arms against a war. Cassius Marcellus, Warrior, Muhammed Prophet, Flesh is clay, all, all too brittle mould. The bout is over.

Frayed and split and autographed, The gloves are hung up in the Hall of Fame – Still loaded, even from that first blaze of gold And glory.

Awed multitudes will gaze, New questers feast on these mementos And from their shell-shocked remnants Reinvoke the spell.

But the sorcerer is gone, The lion withdrawn to a lair of time and space Inaccessible as the sacred lining of a crown When kings were kings, and lords of rhyme and pace.

The enchantment is over but, the spell remains.


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