Insurgency: Boko Haram Launches Radio Station

Although the Nigerian military and President Muhammadu Buhari say Boko Haram have been “technically defeated”, the terrorist sect has refused to give up, at least not yet.

Determined to remain relevant and give the authorities a new cause for concern, the sect has reportedly floated a radio FM station.

According to a reports, the Boko Haram radio station broadcasts on 96.8 frequency modulation.

Residents in Tolkomari, which is in the far northern part of Cameroon, have confirmed receiving broadcast messages from the sect on that frequency.

The report said the station broadcast mainly propaganda messages to counter media reports of victories by troops from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger Republic against the insurgents.

The report further said the Cameroonian government is worried by the new development and has commenced investigations towards locating the radio station, which is said to be somewhere on the Nigeria-Cameroun border.
The Nigerian government is yet to react to this latest development.


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