Constitution Amendment: Senate To Strip Buhari Of Power Of Assent

Nigerian Senate through the ongoing constitution amendment may strip President Muhammadu Buhari of powers to assent.

The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has revealed plans by the Senate committee on constitution review to strip President of powers of assent.

Ekweremadu said the former President Goodluck Jona­than did not sign the Fourth Alteration Bill into law, which would strip the president of powers to veto any bill before the expiration of his tenure hence it would be reconsidered with fresh inputs.

He also said: “A bill to amend any portion of the con­stitution is not an ordinary bill. It is the only bill that requires the two-thirds majority of each Chamber of the National Assembly to pass in the first instance. It is also the only bill that requires the approval of two-thirds of the States Assembly to pass.

He said that Presidential veto of any bill is a mockery of sovereignty which is the power of the people to exhibit their power through their representatives in the parliaments.

He equally said that Nigerians would have argued that the Constitution would make explicit prescriptions on how such veto could be reversed, if it were the intentions of the framers of the Constitution for one man or woman to veto a constitution amendment.”


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