EPL Game of Thrones | Let the battles commence

It will be a 38-week series of battles in the English Premier league with 20 clubs jousting for one prize – the EPL’s Iron Throne and the first meaningful battle is on the opening weekend when Liverpool visit arsenal at the Emirates.


The real Game of Thrones follows the novel titled ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin and is set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.Paraphrasing, the EPL’s Game of Thrones will be fought for from August 2016 till May 2017 – a period of intense and high drama.

The seven kingdoms of Westeros are Manchester United, Manchester City, Leicester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

Over these seven kingdoms are three newly installed commanders and four existing commanders, who desire to chart a path away from the last seven years.

Just four teams [kingdoms] have won [sat on the iron throne] the EPL title in the last seven seasons. Chelsea have won it twice; Manchester United have won it twice; Manchester City have also won it twice and then last season, the title was won by an unfancied Leicester City team.

Tottenham and Liverpool have never won the trophy while Arsenal’s last triumph was aeons ago!

There used to be a top four but realistically, there is now a top 7. And we have the characters, which will be leading their clans to seek the iron throne – the English Premier League!

We have the teams – Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspurs and the defending champions, Leicester City.

The 2016/17 EPL season is going to be the most competitive because of the caliber of managers that will be holding the fort at these clubs. Collectively, we have managers, who have won 85 titles between them.

From Pep Guardiola, the undoubted star of the new season’s cast to Mauricio Pochettino, whose work with Spurs is showing signs of dividend, we have seven generals, who are in assiduous pursuit of the ultimate throne – the EPL title!


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