Hitler’s Wife’s Underwear Sold For £2,900 At Auction

The underpants of the wife of late leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, has been sold off at an auction in England.

Image result for Hitler’s Wife’s Underwear Sold For £2,900 At Auction

BBC reports that Eva Braun‘s knickers which were expected to sell for about £400 sold for a reported £2,900 at an auction at the Philip Serrell auction house in Malvern.

The sold item among a gold ring, a silver mirrored box and a silver holder still containing Braun’s lipstick were part of a collection sold to a private collector based in the UK at the auction.

A silver lipstick case and red lipstick                                             The sold silver lipstick case and lipstick. PHOTO: PHILIP SERRELL

The gold ring, set with an opal surrounded by six rubies, sold for £1,250, while the silver lipstick case engraved with Braun’s initials ‘EB’ sold for £360.

Also, a collection of early 20th century black and white photographs showing Braun, some with Hitler, sold for £100

Sophie Jones, auctioneer and valuer at Philip Serrell, said an “array” of people, whom were mostly private collectors bid on the items.

It is generally people fascinated with that period of history,” she said. “I think people who were bidding on them were private collectors more than dealers.

She also added that many of the items at the auction, including the underwear, had certificates of authenticity from the relevant seller, she added.


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