3 Major Reasons why Nigerian Students Join Cults

Cultism is a menace that has eaten dip into the root of Nigeria educational institutions, it was recorded that one out of every twenty Nigeria university students are involved in cultism.

It is not something new to see the Nigerian police force beating and dragging students into patrol vans because of their involvement in cultism.

Countless number of times we see pictures of students who have been marked with knifes on their head, shoulder, neck and other body parts on newspapers and social media.

Thousands of innocent students have been killed due to clashes or gang war between deferent cult groups.

But the question is, why Nigerian students join cults knowing the dangers of becoming a cult member.

Am going to explain three major reasons why a Nigeria university student would join a cult.


Most if the cult leaders are very influential people in the school and sometime in the society, they can make life a “living hell” for any person who refused to join the cult.

A onetime cult member in the University of Jos said that when he was asked to join the cult, he refused at first but then the cult members made life so difficult for him in the school that he had no other option than to join them. He said they will beat him up for no reason, make lectures to fail him on courses he knew he should pass and they even threatened to kill him if he don’t join them.


Most cults promise prospective members a comfortable and secured life while in school.

Some cult members don’t have to attend lectures or write exams to pass their courses, it is either the lecturer is a cult member or his life has been threatened by the cult members.

Cult members are known to ride the best cars, wear the most expensive clothes, hang out at the most expensive places and have lots of women chasing after them at school.


Most students willingly join cults to fulfill their lustful desires. They want to get anything they want, at any time they want it without having to work or pay for them.

Some of these desires can be getting any girl of their choice, getting good grades without working for it, getting easy and fast money and leaving an extravagant life of drinking, smoking and taking all sorts of illicit drugs.

Most cult members have been known to be involved in rap, killing, kidnapping, armed robbery, blackmail and money other violent and criminal activities.


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