In June 2015, Barcelona won the Champions league and Neymar put on his famous 100% Jesus bandana. It caused a stir in the world. In 2016 during the Rio Olympics he repeated the same feat wearing the 100% Jesus as he stood on the podium to collect the football Gold medal. The International Olympics Committee wrote an official protest for his use of the bandana on a stage that prohibits all religious, commercial or political messages.

Fast forward to August 2017, and it is payback time. God keeps his word all the time. PSG signed Neymar for a world record fee – yet he is not the best player in the world.

The internet has been breaking with how much you can do with the money spent on this lad. The professionals in the field (who know exactly what they are talking about) tell us that the signing fee is beyond calculation and rationality. In other words, it simply doesn’t make sense.

That is exactly how God wants it. It didn’t make sense when the 100% Jesus headband came up, and the financial blessing two years later doesn’t make any sense either. God is keeping his side of the bargain – “if you are not ashamed of me before men…, if you offer as little as a cup of water…”

The money you are looking for is in someone’s hand, God needs to give them a transfer instruction to move it to your account. How will he do that?

1. Put the kingdom of God first.
2. Stay on top of your game
3. Leave the rest to God.
God, please give me a Neymar-kind of breakthrough!
I am not ashamed of my faith
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