Chris Brown’s 3year Old Daughter, Royalty Launches Her Own Cosmetics Line

Just a month after she launched her kids clothing line through her mom, Nia Guzman who is also her manager, Royalty Brown, American singer, Chris Brown’s daughter, has launched her own cosmetics line.

Here are photos of the 3-year-old’s cosmetics line;

the daughter of a singer-turned-fashionista and a model.

So it stands to reason that Royalty Brown – the child of Chris Brown and Nia Guzman – would have an interest in the world of clothing.

But in a slightly obscure turn of events, the three-year-old has been granted her own clothing line.

The tot is to be the face of new unisex fashion range, Royalty Brown Clothing, which she has supposedly ‘helped to design with her mother’.

According to TMZ, the range features ‘monster graphics, two-pieces and cosmetics’ – presumably appropriate for under fives.

It’s not clear precisely how Royalty ‘helped to design’ the line, given that she is merely a toddler, but Nia, 34, filed an International Class 25 trademark under Royalty’s name, which includes clothing, footwear and headgear, in May.

Whether Chris, 28, is involved in the design process is also unknown, although he has a vested interest in clothes labels as well.


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