“I warned Tagbo against his association with Davido” – Caroline Danjuma

So, Caroline Danjuma has accused Davido of dumping the body of a boy who allegedly died in his car at the hospital last night, and she’s standing by her call out. [Read Details here]

Caroline may have deleted her post, but she’s still standing by her accusation. She shared a new post praying for fire to consume the wicked.. She wrote:

The wicked shall never go unpunished.. father I prayed for 8 hrs yesterday and called your name. No one is greater than you . No one is above you lord .. father fight this battle jealously .. let hail stones with fire filled with blood consume the wicked ..arise oh lord with all the host of heaven .. my prayer and my tears and all my energy will never go in vain .. all POWER on earth and in heaven belong to the almighty

She then shared a picture of Tagbo, the guy she claimed died in Davido’s car… She wrote;

Caroline Danjuma still dragging Davido:

Even in death lies are being said of you .. those who knew you knew you never drink to an extent of getting drunk … the wicked shall never go unpunished .. RIP 😢😢😢😢😢.. the truth is already out . Today is your birthday .. happy super birthday 😢😢😢😢

Again, she might have deleted the acusation post, but she’s still calling out Davido and his team.. In her latest post, she shared a picture of Tagbo with Davido and his crew, and wrote:

You gave ur all .. when they needed ur assistance you were always there for them .. Tag you don’t deserve this .. this world is cruel .. I warned you but u were always acting mr nice ..now they labelled you an alcohol addict which is a big lie .. I won’t keep shut .. a glass of Henessy and cranberry gets u tipsy .. just a glass .. cool , calm and minding ur own biz was all you were .. all the lies they say now to cover up .. if only you could wake up and speak for urself .. I won’t keep shut …. only the wicked would act like it’s nothing … you called them your friend but they left you to die .

Caroline Danjuma still dragging Davido:


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